10 Easy Fall Wedding Ideas

Totally Doable. Totally Affordable.

Hello, Autumn! We love you–with your muted landscape, copious comfort foods, aromatic spices, cooler temps, cozy flannels, backyard bonfires, and beautiful weddings. It’s an inspiring time of year! Are you getting married this fall or next and need a few ideas {that are easy AND beautiful} that are totally doable and totally affordable to fill in the decor gaps of your ceremony and/or reception? Great, cause we have a few simple ideas to inspire you with. Let us know in the comments which ones you like the most!

Your Fall Color Palette: For those getting married this fall, we’re sure you’ve already chosen a beautiful color combo! With fall, you could go in a myriad of ways–from rich and robust to low-key and neutral – there’s no wrong way to have a fall wedding!

Pumpkin Topiaries: The easiest addition to fall decor. These mini pumpkins can be added to any decor with any color scheme to tie back in to fall. If orange clashes with what you’re doing then these are very easily painted or even spray painted gold or silver!

Chalkboard Signage: All you need is some chalkboard paint and a fun frame and *voila* you can keep with the theme and add some decadence. Use them for seating, create menus, even table cards will work!

Pumpkin Pots: Pumpkins are wonderful fall decor and can be used for anything from drink coolers {so awesome!} to flower containers, votive, and hurricane holders as well as being carved with fun images or your monogram.

Wraps & Cardigan: Another easy way to tie in your color scheme is with colorful cardigans or wraps. Keep your girls warm for chilly photo shoots and they make super fun photo opps too!

Painted Cans: It doesn’t get any easier than painted soup cans for creating simple flower containers for your centerpieces. Super easy {and fabulous} that can be done with a gold spray paint.

Mason Jars: From glassware to vases sitting on tables, to hanging from trees and arbors, using mason jars is simple, tried and true–no matter where you live.

Wood Accent Pieces: Cut in a variety of shapes and wood types, wood rounds can bring unique textures and heights to any tablescape to create easy rustic touches for a fall event.

Unique Cake Table: In the spirit of your wedding theme, you can make a unique focal point for your cake {or drink station, candy buffet, bar, etc} that’s full of natural charm–and perfect for a fall event.

Fall Leaves: Last but not least are the fall leaves – it can’t be a true fall wedding without the most beautiful part of the season!

Featured Vendor | Peachy Keen Coordination

We’re honored and so lucky to be able to work alongside talented vendors in the wedding industry. This week we wanted to spotlight one of our favorites, Cindy Crowder owner of Peachy Keen Coordination! Cindy is the perfect blend of creativity and organization, which makes her a total gem to work with. We wanted to share Cindy’s advice, services and talent with all of you, so please enjoy getting to know this amazing lady!

What advice do you have to anyone who is interested in hiring a coordinator?

Well, first of all…I may seem biased but I do believe that everyone deserves and needs a logistics person on the day of their wedding. To anyone who is seeking a coordinator, planner, or some variation of that my main piece of advice is to ensure you select someone based on the potential friendship that you could have with that person. Your wedding is not a short term commitment; while I am there for the ‘day’ I’m there for much more as well. I’m there for the happy, sad, and frustrated tears (and as someone who is also engaged, I promise you’ll have all of these at some point!). Hire someone who can take a phone call late at night to vent about the bridesmaid dresses not matching the napkins; hire someone who can tell you the napkins and dress color variation will be beautiful and add more depth; and hire someone who will take charge and to find napkins elsewhere that WILL match. A coordinator’s greatest joy is a happy client.

What is your favorite element of wedding planning for other people?

I seriously feel like I have the greatest job in the world because it’s also my hobby, I look forward to it every single day. I have the opportunity to be innovative and pretty candid with my clients. I don’t love being the center of attention and while I appreciate praise, I feel like perhaps I don’t know how to take it. So I absolutely love that I have the privilege to help create something that’s beautiful, that logistically flows, that makes someone else beam…and do it all behind the scenes.

What makes you different from other coordinators?

I am very fortunate that most of my couples become long term friends of mine. I don’t know that this is unique, and it’s not even a business ‘goal’ per se, but I feel like it makes me love and want to do my job well. Frankly I am the last person to hug you and adjust your train before you walk down the aisle. I don’t take this honor lightly. You’re a special memory in my book and make my story all the more unique.

How would you describe your style?

All over the place! Truly! For better or worse, I’m pretty open minded to trying new looks. Variations of boho, modern, rustic, industrial, country, and man will you make me ever-so-tickled if you ask me to try to mesh any of them together! I have the incredible privilege as a coordinator and stylist to come up with crazy designs for ‘styled shoots’ — which is essentially a fake wedding for the benefit of photos to provide prospective clients with inspiration AND super fun networking with other vendors.

Peachy Keen Coordination and Merrime Bride & Soiree have worked on several collaborations together, what’s your favorite?

I have used a dozen of Merrime’s dresses so it’s challenging to pick one favorite. However, I think right now my absolute most favorite shoot was our most recent ‘Vibrant Vibes’ collaboration (shown below) which was shot at the quaint Butler Barn in Hillsboro. I had an itch to do something totally crazy and COLORFUL; after going into Merrime my eyes were drawn to the Alfred Angelo floral gown and I quickly dreamed up a vision. The shoot was styled as if preppy, modern Kate Spade picked up a ballroom wedding and set it into an old barn. It was fantastically feminine and robustly rustic.




Rumor has it that you (Cindy) are getting married? When is the big day?

Yes, I am still completely beside myself to be the future Mrs. Lindsley (many people have commented to me that Cindy Lindsley sounds like a fictional name and I love it)!

We are celebrating among an intimate group in February. As many understand, I will be taking February as a personal month to enjoy the final weeks of my engagement and my first few weeks as a wife 🙂



As a planner, how’s the planning going?

Planning has been everything I’ve ever dreamed and if I’m being honest a lot of that is with the help of my fiance. As someone who has the opportunity to work on so many weddings, it’s important to me that our wedding is just that…OURS. I advice all my couples to allow yourselves to continue to bond through the planning. Being engaged is a great opportunity to learn even more about one another’s values and emotions and then of course how to successfully communicate them. Try to ignore the stress and anxiety and have fun with it!

Engagement Shoot:
Makeup & Hair | Renee J. Beauty
Signage | Clink & Kiss 


If you would like to contact Cindy please follow the links below!








5 Signature Cocktails That’ll Make A Splash!

If you want to impress guests at your wedding ― and loosen them up a bit after the ceremony ― serve them a signature cocktail that says a little something about you and your style.

Tropical Wedding: Pineapple Mango Daiquiri (Rum)

1 oz. fresh lime juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup
1 wedge pineapple, 1 wedge mango
2 oz. aged or white rum
blend together and serve with 1 pineapple or mango wedge

Spanish Wedding: Tequila Eastside (Tequila)

2 oz. Blanco 100% Agave tequila
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. lime juice
2 cucumber wheels
2 mint sprigs (or basil leaves)

Vintage Wedding: Kingdom of Passion (Absinthe & Liqueur)

1 oz. espresso coffee
1 oz. tonic syrup
½ oz. Absente 55 Absinthe
1.5 oz. Tia Maria coffee liqueur
2 oz. milk
½ oz. vanilla liquor
3 coffee beans to top it

Millennial Wedding: Moscow Mule (Vodka)

2 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Ginger Beer
1 oz. lime juice
2 mint sprigs
1 lime wheel

Garden Wedding: French 75 (Gin)

1 oz. dry gin
1 oz. fresh lemon
1/2 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. cava
twist an orange peel for garnish

4 Nerdy Weddings That We Adore!

Do you have friend who’s into some nerdy stuff (like Harry Potter) and ended up building their wedding theme around it? Well we have a very special appreciation for the nerds that can delicately dazzle their wedding with flair that could go easily unnoticed. Check out these cool (and nerdy!) couples who did just that!


Star Wars

Wedding Dress Storm Trooper Belt

Princess Leia Hairstyle


Lord of the Rings

City Names By Table

Leaf Bread Invites

Harry Potter

Chair Tags

Dress Hanger

Game of Thrones

We’re especially excited about this theme because we’re dying to see more GOT in the world before 2019!

House Name Table Tags

The Dragon Eggs

Featured Couple | Aimee + Alex

This week we are featuring a very special couple, Aimee and Alex, who are getting married next month! Aimee first came to Merrime to shop for her wedding dress and we really enjoyed getting to know her and her family. They were all so nice and happy, and it was apparent they have a lot of fun together. As more plans were being finalized for their big day Aimee decided to hire Adrienne to be the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. Adrienne couldn’t be more excited to be there to witness Aimee walk down the aisle to Alex, and ensure all the details are in place for the wedding of their dreams!
From Aimee and Alex’s wedding website:


Alex’s Version – Love At First Interview…

It was a balmy Oregon day. Alex was stuck going to yet another Accountant I interview, his office was trying to fill a current vacancy.  After a couple real duds a cute, athletic, polite, and smart young lady walked into the room setting in motion unalterable events.  After a killer interview everyone thought Aimee would be a perfect fit.  Alex was quite confident that Aimee would make a great addition to the team.  

Aimee decided that Alex’s office was too awesome and decided to turn down the position in lieu of some other nonsensical job.  It was a crushing blow to the entire offices morale. After some random period of time Alex, and his cool boss Kim, got word that Aimee had applied for another position in a different department.  They both pondered deeply if against all odds, Aimee might be interested in yet another vacancy in the office.  After Aimee fortuitously did not get the other job, Alex and Kim decided it was fate. Kim contacted Aimee to see if she wanted to apply.  

Kim is legit so she was able to convince Aimee to apply.  After a rigorous interview process Aimee was selected as the next up and coming OPAA grant accountant at OSU.  

Over time Alex went about his business helping the good people of OSU.  From time to time, working with Aimee on random things, he made sure to add a little extra legitness to his encounters with her.  Surprisingly Aimee didn’t seem to be disgusted by the sheer presence of Alex.  After many months Alex finally decided he would take it up a notch.  He bid on two baseball tickets at a charity auction as a clever ruse to invite her on a date.  After eating some togos and watching the beavers, this thing was gonna happen.

It took some doing, but eventually Alex proposed on Christmas Eve and Aimee eventually said yes. Also of note, Alex beat Steve at golf the very next time they played.

Aimee’s Version – What Really Happened…

I had recently relocated from Sun Valley Idaho and applied for an accounting position at OSU. I received an interview with the research office (OPAA) and that is where I first met Alex. The interview went well however I took a position at a local accounting firm. Clearly that was not meant to be as I was drawn back to OSU applying for another position. Next thing I knew I got a phone call from Kim asking if I’d be interested in another opening they had in their office.

At first I thought I was in over my head but luckily this kind and witty guy was always patrolling the hall and stopping by my office. Little did I know he had alternative motives and was trying to win me over.

Six months in a group of us went to the Seafood & Wine Festival. We had such a great time that we had to continue the party at the Newport Aquarium. That is when I first realized that Alex may be interested in me. As I toured the aquarium he would very casually follow me around and strike up a conversation. So cute, he didn’t think I noticed 🙂

Two weeks later Alex bid on some baseball tickets in the Business Affairs silent auction and asked if I would like to join him. This was the start of many OSU sporting events to come. Eventually Alex built up the courage to ask me out.

A few years and a few milestones later, Alex proposed to me on X-mas Eve in front of my family. It was the nicest bingo present I have ever received.

Aimee and Alex, we are so happy for you and are counting down the days until your “I Do’s”! Thank you for having us be a part of your special day!

The Perfect Touch of Vintage

Looking for a few ways to add a vintage touch to your wedding? Vintage style has been a popular trend and its continued to be a popular theme for weddings all over the country. Here are a few ideas that can be easy to incorporate and can add a beautifully vintage vibe, from invitation to reception!


Jewels & Lace / Suspenders & Caps

Lace, lace and more lace when it comes to your wedding gown! If  you have some lace, jewels or feathers  incorporated into your dress or your hair, you’re sure to pull off that vintage feel. For the groom and his groomsmen, have them sport a vest, suspenders and a cap for that old time gentleman look.

Lanterns, Urns & Cloches

What’s a cloche? A cloche is the glass cover for outdoor plants. They aren’t commonly used anymore, and most young people will only relate to it if they recall the rose in Beauty and the Beast. These are traced back to 19th century France, and are absolutely beautiful for a centerpiece covering. Old lanterns and large flower urns can also add a vintage feel to your wedding or reception area.

Vintage Invites

You can provide your guests with a clue about your theming by using a vintage-style paper and font for your invitations. Don’t forget to bind them with burlap and hemp string!

The Throwback Cake

Remember to keep the lace feel going as you think about your cake. Floral and intricate, swirly designs will help you add a vintage look to your wedding cake. Mid-century wedding cakes were also huge – if you want it to look vintage, you will want to incorporate multiple tiers!

Dried Flowers & Doilies

Doilies were first introduced in 17th century London, and have been popular in the past as ornamental mats or for binding flowers. Dried flowers were briefly popular in the 1990s, but are now making a comeback. Dried flowers can still come in an array of colors and can look stunning as a centerpiece, in a bouquet, in a boutonniere, or as decor. They can be brittle, but they won’t wilt like fresh flowers will!


How to Keep Your Guests Cool on Your {Very Hot} Wedding Day

The heat doesn’t seem to be taking a break this season, but that doesn’t mean you should be worried about it on your wedding day! There are plenty of ways to ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable regardless of the weather.

Keep Your Guests In The Shade

Even if you want the wedding ceremony to be under the sun you can still provide shade during the ceremony just for the guests as well as during the reception and other gathering spots. Canopies are an elegant addition to any wedding, bringing both shade and a romantic ambience outdoors. Additionally, providing sunscreen for your guests can be another helpful option!

Provide Plenty of Water

We all know that most of our guests will be headed for the open bar but its important to have a water station to refuel throughout the day. Adding cucumber or lemon to the water can give it a feeling of luxury on your wedding day too!

Incorporate Lighter Food Options

Offer guests cool options with their dinner, such as field greens and pasta salads, as well as veggie and fruit platters. These will help keep their temperature down and their energy level up!

Consider The Time of Day

If possible, schedule your wedding so that the ceremony does not begin until the heat has cooled (usually around 3-4pm). Having the ceremony in the middle of the day means your guests will be sitting out in the open during peak heat. You can offer wedding program fans to guests as they arrive, a handy and functional takeaway for them.

Add A Few Fun Touches

Have some fun with the heat! Provide your guests with sunglasses or offer some popsicles between the ceremony and reception. Both of these ideas will surely make for some fun photos as well.

The Perfect Budget-Savvy Food Options on Your Wedding Day

Here are a few ways you can get creative with your food or drink choice and potentially save a few bucks! Be sure to check with your venue before making any arrangements, to ensure they don’t require specific food or beverage vendors at their location.

Hire a Food Truck

Food trucks are becoming a popular option at weddings, because they tend to cost $20-$30 per person less than a traditional plated dinner, and $10-$20 less than a buffet. They can also add some fun and personality to your reception!

Serve Heavy hors d’oeuvres Instead of a Full Meal

Passing around some burger sliders, charcuterie, caprese skewers, or shrimp cocktails will absolutely please your guests and allow them to continue mingling. They don’t necessarily need a full meal to keep their appetites satisfied, and you’ll definitely be able to save a few pennies.

Have a Talented Family Member Bake your Cake or Provide Desserts

We all have that aunt, grandmother, sister or cousin who is great at baking and who would be thrilled to provide the wedding cake or other desserts for your guests!

Consider the Time of Day or the Day of the Week

Typically, both venues and food options are less expensive if you decide on a daytime or weekday wedding. If this is possible for you, you can also have some fun with it! Offer mimosas as guests arrive, or an omelet bar next to other food offerings.

Offer a Couple of Signature Cocktails and Beers Instead of a Full Bar

‘His and Hers Cocktails’ is an easy and fun way to offer a smaller selection of alcohol options and still please your guests. A limited selection of alcohol will decrease the cost of your big day.


Sophia Tolli | New Styles Arriving!

We’ve put together a special preview of our newest Sophia Tolli orders and we know you’ll love them! We’ve already received a few in-store and we can’t wait to start booking appointments so that you our brides can begin trying them on!


Y11552 Prinia

Y21736 Monaco

Coming Soon…

Y11724 Adeline

Y21742 Aquarius

Y21749 Adhara

Y11707 Margot

Y21736 Electra

Y21511 Cameron

Y21745 Aquila

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