Crazy Daze Summer Sale!

Come see us at Merrime Bride & Soiree and be a part of our summer discounts from July 6-July 8th!

You’ll have access to:

  • All bridal gown samples discounted 10%-50% off or more

  • Bridesmaid samples starting at $39

  • Spanx shapewear 50% off

  • Goddess bustiers $39

Crazy Daze is a downtown Albany event that will include various businesses to fulfill all your shopping needs! We hope to see you during this fun and family-friendly event. If you’re not shopping for a wedding dress, or wedding guest apparel we also offer “night-out” dresses, plus jewelry and headpiece options that work for any fashionista!

We have dresses from the following designers, click on the link to see which dresses we offer in-store:

For appointments during this event please email or call us at 541.791.7083.

Merrime Bride & Soiree
211 First Avenue West, Suite 101
Albany, OR 97321

Hours during this event will be July 6th 10-6pm, July 7th 10-6pm and July 8th 10-4pm.

Do’s and Don’ts | Social Media on Your Big Day!

Whether you’re a tech-savvy couple or off the grid, its important that your guests know what will work for your wedding day! Here are a few pointers that can be easily distributed to your guests to make sure your wedding goes exactly how you want it to.


  1. Let your audience know how you feel about the use of social media. For instance, you might want to tell your guests you want to keep the ceremony to yourself, family and close friends. After all, this is the moment it’s all about. You don’t want your guests to miss the vows while they’re looking at their phone or tablet screen.
  2. Create a hashtag to let your guests post tweets and instagram pictures to that can be seen and shared by all who attend. Encourage them by using a unique and creative hashtag sign.
  3. Snapchat Filters give you the ability to create a custom frame or design that speaks just to you. You can contact Snapchat directly to set it up and they’ll even help you design it.
  4. Use social media in addition to phone calls or texts to easily reach everybody for any last minute changes, for example venue changes due to weather reasons. But make sure your Facebook/social media rookie friends and family receive the info as well! You can even create an event on Facebook just for your wedding day that includes all attendees and information.
  5. Take some selfies! Capture your own moment at the time you please. Be sure not to overdo it though. It’s your wedding, enjoy the best day of your life unplugged to be in touch with everything and everybody around you.


  1. Don’t spoil any exciting surprises on social media in preparation of your wedding. Make sure your guests know not to post any images until after the ceremony.
  2. Don’t be on your phone all day. You and your new other half are there to live the moment and enjoy the day. Put away your phone and have fun!
  3. Don’t get rid of your professional photographer. Although your guests might be there to try and shoot that picture of your ceremony and cake cutting, a professional photographer will know best how to capture the most important moments of the day.
  4. Don’t go DIY hashtag sign crazy! Why hassle yourself with the task of making the hashtag signs, which seems easy at first but will take much more time than expected. You can easily purchase any signage for your wedding through where people make customized items!
  5. Don’t make anyone contact you only through social media. Be aware that some of your guests might be not as tech-savvy as you.

5 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts!

Take the celebration for the bride-to-be to the next level by offering handmade tokens of thanks to attendees. Whether you prep them ahead of time or provide the supplies to put them together as a party activity, these how-tos are adorable, affordable, and totally doable, even for crafting novices.

Opalescent Candy Cones

Nothing more playful then making some candy cones. You can use Pearl White mini milk chocolate balls, iridescent film to wrap up the candy, metallic opal paper to create the cone, and ribbon to create these gorgeous, girly favors with ultimate shine – all can be found on

Flower Crowns

At your garden party bridal shower, guests will have no problem creating this floral accessory as its been a very popular edition to every wedding these last few years. There are plenty of floral designers who offer these services!

Potted Plants

Send shower attendees home with blooms of their own. Demure and delicate, African violets are pretty little packages and, with minimal effort, can make a dazzling display.

Bottled Flavored Vodka

Mixing your favorite vodka with your favorite flavored syrup, pouring it into bottles, and tying on or adhering a recipe for your favorite infused vodka recipe is a great way to tie in your wedding colors!

Envelope Sachets

These bundles of dried flowers and cedar shavings pack sweet scents that travel well. They can be kept in luggage, purses or warm up a bedroom!

Wedding Details You Don’t Want To Forget!

With so much to plan before the wedding day, we know it can be easy to forget about a detail or two — details that can easily slip between the planning cracks. So today we’ve decided to share a list of a few wedding must-haves to remind you of those special touches you’ll surely want at the celebration.

The Guest Book 

A guest book is something you certainly don’t want to forget. Have guests sign their names and write a message either before the ceremony begins or during the reception. This way, you’ll forever have a special message from your loved ones from your big day. If you don’t want to go with a traditional guest book, try something a little quirkier like a guestbook puzzle or a wish jar.

Wedding Programs Fans

Wedding Program Fans are perfect for the summer wedding, especially if you know the weather will be warm. Programs are the best way to inform guests on what to expect for the day and are especially helpful if you plan on having several events take place.

Ring Box

Keeping the rings safe is an absolute must and this personalized ring box is a great way to do so. We also love when it’s easy for the ring bearer to carry, beautiful in photos, and makes for a special keepsake.

The Flower Girl Basket 

Make the flower girl feel extra special by gifting her a basket that she will not only use at the ceremony but can also keep for herself. Choose a flower girl basket with a handle so it’s easy for her to hold and be sure to pick a style you both love.

Weather Gear

If you plan to celebrate outdoors, the weather must be taken into consideration. If you know it could be chilly, provide your guests with shawls or heavier blankets. If the weather is going to be warm and the sun is going to be out, provide guests with items such as sunscreen or sunglasses.


Lots of Tissues

Every wedding is sure to have its fair share of happy tears — which is exactly why we say tissues are a must. Keep a travel pack in your pocket or bag and be sure to include packs along the aisle for your guests to use, too. You can even have customized tissues for your guests to match your theme!

Something Special for the Send-Off 

Make your send off extra special by providing guests with wedding toss items such as confetti, ribbon wands, poppers, bubbles, or any other fun item you can think of. It’s great for pictures and is a fun way to get guests interacting.

The Tradition of the “June Bride”

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of “June brides” came from? We did a little research and were fascinated to learn that in the Victorian times they preferred June weddings because flowers were finally available for wedding décor, and the scent of the flowers were the only type of  “aroma” that they had at this time – perfume had not become a part of every day life.

So now that you can get flowers year-round why is summer still so popular for weddings in general? It’s the easiest time of year for most brides and grooms to take extended leave from work. Many occupations are significantly more flexible between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If there are kids involved in the wedding, coordinating school schedules any other time of year can be difficult.

For destination weddings, summertime is off-season in most tropical and many mountainous locations, hence better rates on wedding venues because the hotels aren’t packed like they are the rest of the year. Hurricane season is technically June through November in tropical locations but as long as you study the weather your venue should have alternative options for rain or shine.

There are definitely some tricks to planning a summertime wedding, and we are going to share a few of them here with you:

  1. Avoid holiday weekends. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day all dramatically increase airfare for your guests. The rest of the summer, flights to places like the Caribbean are very reasonable.
  2. Off-season rates at hotel and villa accommodations mean that more of your guests will be able to attend, and even stay longer to turn your wedding weekend into their own vacation.
  3. It’s easier for people with children to travel to a wedding when school is out, whether or not they’re bringing the little ones along. Finding a friend or family member to babysit is a lot easier when they don’t have to deal with the carpool.
  4. It doesn’t matter how hot it gets during the daytime when you choose your location as long as you choose and suggest air conditioned accommodations to all of your guests. If you’re going to be on the beach and out doing fun things in the sunshine during the day its important to give them options to get out of the sun too.
  5. Don’t ask your guests to wear formal attire. Try not to make them wear jackets and ties if you’re someplace where “island cocktail attire” is sufficiently dressy. You can dress your wedding party however you like, but you don’t have to do that to all of your guests.

June brides are legendary in the wedding business, but we admit that all summer months are popular now. And don’t forget the added bonus – the bride is a lot more likely to be at least a little bit tan by the time a June wedding rolls around and will look even more fabulous in her Merrime wedding gown!

5 Beauty Appointments To Set Before The Wedding Day!

1. Hair Colorist

If you’re highlighting or coloring your hair before your wedding, it’s important to start early. Book a hair consultation three to six months before your wedding to talk to your colorist about your vision. It’s also a good idea to bring any examples of hair accessories you plan on wearing so your colorist can determine the best spot to place highlights.

2. Hair Stylist

Up? Down? Half-up/half-down? There are tons of options when it comes to your day-of hairstyle and your stylist can walk you through all of them. It’s customary to visit your stylist for a hair trial a few month before your wedding, but for even better results take it a step further. Visit your stylist twice, once for a cut and once for a style. It will give your stylist the chance to familiarize themselves with your hair type and help you brainstorm the best style for you.

3. Facialist

This one may not be a beauty necessity, but a nice facial is a pre-wedding ritual (and treat!) we think no bride should go without. Schedule an appointment for two or three weeks before your wedding if you plan on getting something like microdermabrasion that could leave your face red for a few days. If you’re just planning on a soothing treatment, the week-of is fine.

4. Makeup Trial

It could take a few tries before your makeup artist nails the ideal beauty look that you’re envisioning, so don’t be discouraged! Make sure you set aside a few hours with your makeup artist and bring lots and lots of beauty inspiration for the two of you to look at together. It’s also important that you’re specific: matte or dewy? bronzy eye or smoky eye? Don’t leave anything out, and if it doesn’t look right, speak up! They’d rather you be honest so they can fix it.

5. Manicurist

Save this particular salon visit for the day before your wedding. Even if you plan on getting a gel manicure that will last for a few weeks, getting your nails done the day before will ensure they are still fresh and shiny for up-close ring shots.

At Merrime we have vendor references for all of these beauty professionals and we would be so happy to share them with you! Call us at 541.791.7083 or email

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Wedding season is already in full swing. Admittedly, it is one of our favorite times of year. We love everything wedding and we certainly love seeing our brides all dressed up in their Merrime gowns. Here are a few rules to remember when dressing as a guest for a wedding this season.

Don’t Steal The Show

Don’t steal the show by wearing white or something that distracts in any way from the bride on her big day. Also steer clear of wedding colors to avoid being mistaken as a member of the bridal party. If the wedding colors are a mystery to you, patterns are a safe bet.

Don’t Bare It All

Sure, weddings are a great opportunity to flaunt your favorite feature but do yourself a favor and stick to just one feature like your legs, shoulders, or back. To avoid going too revealing up top, an illusion neckline is a sexy but elegant look.

Pay Attention To Detail

Check the invite for clues on dress code. For black-tie affairs, the sky (and the knee) is the limit – nothing too far above the knee. For beach, light colors and flowing fabrics are key.

Play It Safe

When it doubt, play it safe somewhere in the middle. While long dresses can typically read more formal, a jersey or cotton material helps it read slightly more casual. On the other hand, a cocktail dress with embellishments like beading or lace can translate a dress with a shorter hem into something more formal.


Pretty in Pink | Alfred Angelo Gown #2626

Could pink be the new white? While the classic white bridal gown will always be in style, pink wedding dresses are becoming more popular than ever. The girly shade complements any skin tone and can add a little bit of playfulness to your bridal look. Whether you are traditional or a non-conformist, any type of bride can rock this color down the aisle. While pastel blues and vivid lilacs did pop up throughout bridal collections this spring, pink reigned supreme as the non-white bridal color of choice this season. The Pantone-approved color is major for weddings this year — and we’re not mad about it in the least.

Our very own Alfred Angelo gown in style #2626 is offered in a blush pink and barely there pop of color is perfect for your spring and summer nuptials.



Magnificent strapless tulle wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and a natural waist bodice that has been fully embellished with metallic embroidery, crystal beading, pearls, rhinestones, silver beads and sequins. The full gathered skirt features a dramatic hi-low tiered overlay with horsehair trim and a chapel length train.

Features include:

  • Tulle, Metallic Embroidery, Crystal & Silver Beading, Rhinestones, Pearls, Sequins, Horsehair Trim, Self-Covered Buttons
  • Strapless, Sweetheart Neckline
  • Embellished, Natural Waist Bodice
  • Gathered Skirt with Hi-Low Tiered Overlay
  • Full-Length, Ball Gown Silhouette
  • Chapel Train
  • Colors: Ivory/Blush/Metallic, Ivory/Metallic, White/Metallic

The way that this dress gracefully moves across the floor is gorgeous.

Come try on our beautiful gowns, we’re now open Wednesday through Sunday! Please email to reserve your appointment!

Local Event | Albany Downtown Wine Walk

The annual Wine Walk is an opportunity to taste great local Oregon wines in Albany’s historic downtown area while visiting local businesses and supporting the Rotary Club of Albany. With a super laid back and fun vibe this event is a unique opportunity to mingle around in downtown businesses you may not normally visit, hear live music, and taste some of Albany’s very own food cart creations!

This year the event will be held on Friday May 5th, from 4-8pm.

Advanced tickets are now available for $15 at the Albany Visitors Association office 110 3rd Street in downtown Albany. Tickets can be redeemed for glasses and tasting tickets (or more tickets purchased) in the parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank, 300 First Avenue, downtown Albany.

Once you have your glass and tasting tickets you can decide which wineries and businesses you want to visit, and how many wines you want to taste at any one of the stops. Each winery will be selling bottles on site so if you find something you love you are able to take a bottle home with you that night!

Here’s the roadmap to all of the wineries being featured and the corresponding business locations: (hold and save to your device)

 Wineries featured in this walk are:

Hip Chicks Do Wine
Abiqua Wind Vineyard
Marks Ridge
Running Deer Vineyards
Capitello Wines
Airlie Winery
Depot Bay Wine Co.
J Scott Cellars LLC
Ankeny Vineyards
Noble Estates Winery
Methven Family Vineyards
Fractal Cellars
Springhill Cellars
Emerson Vineyards
Namaste Vineyards
Pinot Vista Vineyards/Eola Hills Winery
Giovingo Vineyards
Springbank Farm
Raylee Wines
Marks Ridge Winery
Spiritopia Liqueurs
Tesoaria Vineyards
Sinnean Winery


We hope to see you Friday! 

8 Tips to Being A Healthy Bride

You and your fiancé are planning the most joyous event of your lives: your wedding! And you’re having a blast … mostly. Making all of the necessary wedding decisions can be stressful, especially if you disagree about anything!

Instead of getting upset over being out of sync, or feeling overwhelmed about wedding-related decisions make sure to be calm and relaxed when issues do arise by being the best version of you! We’ve put together 8 helpful tips to being a stress-free bride to get you ready for the big day!


Meditation is proven to help with better sleep, weight loss, stress, blood pressure and anxiety – don’t tell us wedding planning hasn’t allowed a few of these issues to creep into your day-to-day! And to-be-weds who meditate swear by it because as one bride said on The Knot “it helps with mindfulness, so you’re more aware of every little thing that you’re doing, and you’re able to hit the pause button a little bit easier.” In other words, it’ll help you keep all those little details in perspective.

Here’s a mediation that helps brides keep calm during the wedding planning process: Blissful Bride Meditation For Wedding Stress.


While sometimes it’s good to speak your mind, there are also other times when, well, it’s just better not to say anything. Not sure how you’re going to make it to the big day with your sanity intact? Here are a few mantras you can say to yourself in the mirror every morning, even when they don’t quite reflect how you’re feeling inside.

  • I trust in my decisions.
  • I am open to love and give love in return.
  • I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • I am deserving of a loving long term relationship.
  • I love and accept myself the way I am.
  • I choose to be calm and let the stress leave my body.
  • Today I choose to live in peaceful harmony with the universe.
  • Today I will count my blessings.

Gratitude Journal

If you want to start attracting positive things in to your life (and seriously, who doesn’t?!) then there is one key thing you need to do. Show gratitude. Because we all know we reap what we sow and we get back what we give out right? So the more we show gratitude for things, the more things we’ll have to be grateful for. A gratitude journal is a consistent way to turn your hectic mornings into thoughtful moments during the stress of planning a wedding. Take 3-5 minutes every morning and jot down what you are grateful for.


This is it… The final countdown to your wedding day. And along with settling those last few details — figuring out where to seat your eccentric Uncle Carl, firming up the flowers, deciding on your first dance song — you’re likely also making one last push to make sure the body that will be wearing that gorgeous white wedding dress looks as good as it possibly can. We found a great workout plan from that give you a 30-day workout guide to help you!

Healthy Eating

What we put in our bodies is what we get out in how we feel and how our body performs. To feel, and look, and be our best we need to fuel up our bodies with healthy nutritious food so we are energized, have mentally clarity, and just overall feel fantastic! Toxins and stress are a regular thing that we encounter every day so it’s important to eat in a way that helps minimize the effects of those two things. Planning ahead and eating small well-balanced meals throughout the day is the best way to ensure you stay on track throughout your wedding planning process. At Merrime we recommend a variety of nutritional rebalancing systems that have been the solution for many brides and families to meet their health goals both for their big day and beyond! The best thing about healthy eating is that it is not about dieting, but learning what your body needs and experiencing the difference when you make those healthy habits part of your lifestyle! For more information on our nutritional rebalancing systems visit our website, or for details on our new private ‘Shed Before You Wed’ campaign, contact Adrienne directly at

Make Time For You

Does nothing get you more zen than baking? Or knitting a scarf? Or even cleaning? (We know that last one’s a stretch, but sometimes there’s something so satisfying about vacuuming your living room rug.) Feel good about carving out some time to do these activities daily during your wedding planning process. While we don’t recommend getting any crazy treatments, like a chemical peel or even a facial, the day of, why not go for a massage once a week? Or take a nice, hot bubble bath every night? The best thing you can do is take care of yourself.

Ask For Help

It’s important to note that although it feels like the weight is on your shoulders, you are absolutely allowed (and encouraged) to ask for help. Sometimes just speaking with a bridesmaid and assigning them some easy tasks will give you a moment to breathe and focus your energy on the bigger, more important pieces of planning. Your bride tribe is just that – your tribe. They can be helpful in bouncing ideas off of and getting other opinions. We also encourage you to seek help with planning a larger wedding, especially if you’re also working full time. At Merrime we off day-of coordination as well as vendor referrals and please know that we would always be happy to share these options with you! Give us a call at 541.791.7083 or email us at and we can talk over the phone or set up an appointment to meet in person!