5 DIY Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces!

There’s always those last-minute additions that bring your event together and we found some of our favorite quick and easy DIY centerpieces to spice your holiday up!

Pumpkin Vases

Transform a pumpkin into a vase with just a few easy steps. You can pick the size of pumpkin that best fits your table – several small ones or a mix of large and small – and then carve a hole in the top, just as you would for making a jack o’lantern. Pull out the seeds and fill it with water before adding your perfect mix of fall-colored flowers.

Apple Candleholders

Yes, this year we’re very into carving out fruits and veggies to bring that earthy feel to a holiday party. Again, pick a few apples that suit your color scheme. Cut a 1-inch deep hole into the top of the apples and slowly wedge the candle in until it feels secure. Add a few more uncut apples around for more ambiance.

Rustic Lantern Centerpieces

Don’t have one of these lanterns stored away somewhere? They can be easily found at any hardware store. Take some sandpaper to it, to give it that rusty look, add a candle and pick up some twigs from the local craft store and you’ve got yourself a warm little centerpiece.

Neutral Fall Colors

Although we all associate Fall with the red, orange and yellow of harvest veggies, a muted Thanksgiving centerpiece gives a modern vibe. You’ll find lighter yellows and oranges (skip the red) and even some lightly painted gold faux pumpkins at any craft store. Add a touch of cream and white to the mix in some muted vases or candleholders and this piece will bring a timeless feel to your tablescape.


Pops of Color

Stripes of copper tape adorn both the mini pumpkins and candle holders along this Thanksgiving table, while blooms from Trader Joe’s provide bright pops of color. Mix and match to find what you like and any leftover flowers can be placed around the house to tie in to your centerpieces.


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, and if you end up using any of these DIY projects at home, please email us so we can post about them!