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We’re honored and so lucky to be able to work alongside talented vendors in the wedding industry. This week we wanted to spotlight one of our favorites, Cindy Crowder owner of Peachy Keen Coordination! Cindy is the perfect blend of creativity and organization, which makes her a total gem to work with. We wanted to share Cindy’s advice, services and talent with all of you, so please enjoy getting to know this amazing lady!

What advice do you have to anyone who is interested in hiring a coordinator?

Well, first of all…I may seem biased but I do believe that everyone deserves and needs a logistics person on the day of their wedding. To anyone who is seeking a coordinator, planner, or some variation of that my main piece of advice is to ensure you select someone based on the potential friendship that you could have with that person. Your wedding is not a short term commitment; while I am there for the ‘day’ I’m there for much more as well. I’m there for the happy, sad, and frustrated tears (and as someone who is also engaged, I promise you’ll have all of these at some point!). Hire someone who can take a phone call late at night to vent about the bridesmaid dresses not matching the napkins; hire someone who can tell you the napkins and dress color variation will be beautiful and add more depth; and hire someone who will take charge and to find napkins elsewhere that WILL match. A coordinator’s greatest joy is a happy client.

What is your favorite element of wedding planning for other people?

I seriously feel like I have the greatest job in the world because it’s also my hobby, I look forward to it every single day. I have the opportunity to be innovative and pretty candid with my clients. I don’t love being the center of attention and while I appreciate praise, I feel like perhaps I don’t know how to take it. So I absolutely love that I have the privilege to help create something that’s beautiful, that logistically flows, that makes someone else beam…and do it all behind the scenes.

What makes you different from other coordinators?

I am very fortunate that most of my couples become long term friends of mine. I don’t know that this is unique, and it’s not even a business ‘goal’ per se, but I feel like it makes me love and want to do my job well. Frankly I am the last person to hug you and adjust your train before you walk down the aisle. I don’t take this honor lightly. You’re a special memory in my book and make my story all the more unique.

How would you describe your style?

All over the place! Truly! For better or worse, I’m pretty open minded to trying new looks. Variations of boho, modern, rustic, industrial, country, and man will you make me ever-so-tickled if you ask me to try to mesh any of them together! I have the incredible privilege as a coordinator and stylist to come up with crazy designs for ‘styled shoots’ — which is essentially a fake wedding for the benefit of photos to provide prospective clients with inspiration AND super fun networking with other vendors.

Peachy Keen Coordination and Merrime Bride & Soiree have worked on several collaborations together, what’s your favorite?

I have used a dozen of Merrime’s dresses so it’s challenging to pick one favorite. However, I think right now my absolute most favorite shoot was our most recent ‘Vibrant Vibes’ collaboration (shown below) which was shot at the quaint Butler Barn in Hillsboro. I had an itch to do something totally crazy and COLORFUL; after going into Merrime my eyes were drawn to the Alfred Angelo floral gown and I quickly dreamed up a vision. The shoot was styled as if preppy, modern Kate Spade picked up a ballroom wedding and set it into an old barn. It was fantastically feminine and robustly rustic.




Rumor has it that you (Cindy) are getting married? When is the big day?

Yes, I am still completely beside myself to be the future Mrs. Lindsley (many people have commented to me that Cindy Lindsley sounds like a fictional name and I love it)!

We are celebrating among an intimate group in February. As many understand, I will be taking February as a personal month to enjoy the final weeks of my engagement and my first few weeks as a wife 🙂



As a planner, how’s the planning going?

Planning has been everything I’ve ever dreamed and if I’m being honest a lot of that is with the help of my fiance. As someone who has the opportunity to work on so many weddings, it’s important to me that our wedding is just that…OURS. I advice all my couples to allow yourselves to continue to bond through the planning. Being engaged is a great opportunity to learn even more about one another’s values and emotions and then of course how to successfully communicate them. Try to ignore the stress and anxiety and have fun with it!

Engagement Shoot:
Makeup & Hair | Renee J. Beauty
Signage | Clink & Kiss 


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