The Perfect Touch of Vintage

Looking for a few ways to add a vintage touch to your wedding? Vintage style has been a popular trend and its continued to be a popular theme for weddings all over the country. Here are a few ideas that can be easy to incorporate and can add a beautifully vintage vibe, from invitation to reception!


Jewels & Lace / Suspenders & Caps

Lace, lace and more lace when it comes to your wedding gown! If  you have some lace, jewels or feathers  incorporated into your dress or your hair, you’re sure to pull off that vintage feel. For the groom and his groomsmen, have them sport a vest, suspenders and a cap for that old time gentleman look.

Lanterns, Urns & Cloches

What’s a cloche? A cloche is the glass cover for outdoor plants. They aren’t commonly used anymore, and most young people will only relate to it if they recall the rose in Beauty and the Beast. These are traced back to 19th century France, and are absolutely beautiful for a centerpiece covering. Old lanterns and large flower urns can also add a vintage feel to your wedding or reception area.

Vintage Invites

You can provide your guests with a clue about your theming by using a vintage-style paper and font for your invitations. Don’t forget to bind them with burlap and hemp string!

The Throwback Cake

Remember to keep the lace feel going as you think about your cake. Floral and intricate, swirly designs will help you add a vintage look to your wedding cake. Mid-century wedding cakes were also huge – if you want it to look vintage, you will want to incorporate multiple tiers!

Dried Flowers & Doilies

Doilies were first introduced in 17th century London, and have been popular in the past as ornamental mats or for binding flowers. Dried flowers were briefly popular in the 1990s, but are now making a comeback. Dried flowers can still come in an array of colors and can look stunning as a centerpiece, in a bouquet, in a boutonniere, or as decor. They can be brittle, but they won’t wilt like fresh flowers will!