The Perfect Budget-Savvy Food Options on Your Wedding Day

Here are a few ways you can get creative with your food or drink choice and potentially save a few bucks! Be sure to check with your venue before making any arrangements, to ensure they don’t require specific food or beverage vendors at their location.

Hire a Food Truck

Food trucks are becoming a popular option at weddings, because they tend to cost $20-$30 per person less than a traditional plated dinner, and $10-$20 less than a buffet. They can also add some fun and personality to your reception!

Serve Heavy hors d’oeuvres Instead of a Full Meal

Passing around some burger sliders, charcuterie, caprese skewers, or shrimp cocktails will absolutely please your guests and allow them to continue mingling. They don’t necessarily need a full meal to keep their appetites satisfied, and you’ll definitely be able to save a few pennies.

Have a Talented Family Member Bake your Cake or Provide Desserts

We all have that aunt, grandmother, sister or cousin who is great at baking and who would be thrilled to provide the wedding cake or other desserts for your guests!

Consider the Time of Day or the Day of the Week

Typically, both venues and food options are less expensive if you decide on a daytime or weekday wedding. If this is possible for you, you can also have some fun with it! Offer mimosas as guests arrive, or an omelet bar next to other food offerings.

Offer a Couple of Signature Cocktails and Beers Instead of a Full Bar

‘His and Hers Cocktails’ is an easy and fun way to offer a smaller selection of alcohol options and still please your guests. A limited selection of alcohol will decrease the cost of your big day.