How to Keep Your Guests Cool on Your {Very Hot} Wedding Day

The heat doesn’t seem to be taking a break this season, but that doesn’t mean you should be worried about it on your wedding day! There are plenty of ways to ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable regardless of the weather.

Keep Your Guests In The Shade

Even if you want the wedding ceremony to be under the sun you can still provide shade during the ceremony just for the guests as well as during the reception and other gathering spots. Canopies are an elegant addition to any wedding, bringing both shade and a romantic ambience outdoors. Additionally, providing sunscreen for your guests can be another helpful option!

Provide Plenty of Water

We all know that most of our guests will be headed for the open bar but its important to have a water station to refuel throughout the day. Adding cucumber or lemon to the water can give it a feeling of luxury on your wedding day too!

Incorporate Lighter Food Options

Offer guests cool options with their dinner, such as field greens and pasta salads, as well as veggie and fruit platters. These will help keep their temperature down and their energy level up!

Consider The Time of Day

If possible, schedule your wedding so that the ceremony does not begin until the heat has cooled (usually around 3-4pm). Having the ceremony in the middle of the day means your guests will be sitting out in the open during peak heat. You can offer wedding program fans to guests as they arrive, a handy and functional takeaway for them.

Add A Few Fun Touches

Have some fun with the heat! Provide your guests with sunglasses or offer some popsicles between the ceremony and reception. Both of these ideas will surely make for some fun photos as well.