Featured Couple | Aimee + Alex

This week we are featuring a very special couple, Aimee and Alex, who are getting married next month! Aimee first came to Merrime to shop for her wedding dress and we really enjoyed getting to know her and her family. They were all so nice and happy, and it was apparent they have a lot of fun together. As more plans were being finalized for their big day Aimee decided to hire Adrienne to be the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. Adrienne couldn’t be more excited to be there to witness Aimee walk down the aisle to Alex, and ensure all the details are in place for the wedding of their dreams!
From Aimee and Alex’s wedding website:


Alex’s Version – Love At First Interview…

It was a balmy Oregon day. Alex was stuck going to yet another Accountant I interview, his office was trying to fill a current vacancy.  After a couple real duds a cute, athletic, polite, and smart young lady walked into the room setting in motion unalterable events.  After a killer interview everyone thought Aimee would be a perfect fit.  Alex was quite confident that Aimee would make a great addition to the team.  

Aimee decided that Alex’s office was too awesome and decided to turn down the position in lieu of some other nonsensical job.  It was a crushing blow to the entire offices morale. After some random period of time Alex, and his cool boss Kim, got word that Aimee had applied for another position in a different department.  They both pondered deeply if against all odds, Aimee might be interested in yet another vacancy in the office.  After Aimee fortuitously did not get the other job, Alex and Kim decided it was fate. Kim contacted Aimee to see if she wanted to apply.  

Kim is legit so she was able to convince Aimee to apply.  After a rigorous interview process Aimee was selected as the next up and coming OPAA grant accountant at OSU.  

Over time Alex went about his business helping the good people of OSU.  From time to time, working with Aimee on random things, he made sure to add a little extra legitness to his encounters with her.  Surprisingly Aimee didn’t seem to be disgusted by the sheer presence of Alex.  After many months Alex finally decided he would take it up a notch.  He bid on two baseball tickets at a charity auction as a clever ruse to invite her on a date.  After eating some togos and watching the beavers, this thing was gonna happen.

It took some doing, but eventually Alex proposed on Christmas Eve and Aimee eventually said yes. Also of note, Alex beat Steve at golf the very next time they played.

Aimee’s Version – What Really Happened…

I had recently relocated from Sun Valley Idaho and applied for an accounting position at OSU. I received an interview with the research office (OPAA) and that is where I first met Alex. The interview went well however I took a position at a local accounting firm. Clearly that was not meant to be as I was drawn back to OSU applying for another position. Next thing I knew I got a phone call from Kim asking if I’d be interested in another opening they had in their office.

At first I thought I was in over my head but luckily this kind and witty guy was always patrolling the hall and stopping by my office. Little did I know he had alternative motives and was trying to win me over.

Six months in a group of us went to the Seafood & Wine Festival. We had such a great time that we had to continue the party at the Newport Aquarium. That is when I first realized that Alex may be interested in me. As I toured the aquarium he would very casually follow me around and strike up a conversation. So cute, he didn’t think I noticed 🙂

Two weeks later Alex bid on some baseball tickets in the Business Affairs silent auction and asked if I would like to join him. This was the start of many OSU sporting events to come. Eventually Alex built up the courage to ask me out.

A few years and a few milestones later, Alex proposed to me on X-mas Eve in front of my family. It was the nicest bingo present I have ever received.

Aimee and Alex, we are so happy for you and are counting down the days until your “I Do’s”! Thank you for having us be a part of your special day!