5 Wedding Landscapes To Dazzle Your Guests

If you’re planning a wedding, there’s no doubt that one of your top requirements is the perfect venue to capture the couple you are. There are some great landscapes you can choose from if you’re looking for something unique. Of course, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous church, golf course greenery or an elegant vineyard. However, if you’re looking for something people would be unlikely to suspect, here are some ideas.

1. Distillery

Are you a fan of a particular local distillery? Distilleries add a bit of a twist on the traditional winery venue, and are also a great way to celebrate. The settings are typically dimly lit and you can incorporate tastings into your package. You may be able to host the ceremony and reception among the distillery’s aging spirits!

Photo Credit: Westland Distillery – Seattle, WA

2. Cave

A cave will provide an incredibly picturesque setting for your wedding, and it is definitely an option your guests will not expect! The atmosphere is romantic and intimate, yet you still feel surrounded by nature. Although there are few cave options in Oregon, there are several intimate cave venues across the US.

Photo Credit: Lizelle Lotter – Denver, CO

3. Treehouse

If you love the forest, a treehouse wedding is the perfect unique venue! A treehouse gives you the ability to fully take in and share the outdoors with your guests. As a fun bonus, the treehouses are usually provided as accommodation for a select number of wedding guests, and of course for the happy couple as well.

Photo Credit: Luxe Mountain Weddings Magazine – Mt. Hood, OR

4. Greenhouse

Greenhouses are another way to enjoy nature, but give you an indoor setting which allows for a wedding in almost any type of weather. If you love the rustic feel and are having a wedding during a potentially rainy or cold time of year, this is a wonderful option.

Photo Credit: Jessica Dean Photography – Des Moines, IA

5. Cityscape

While many people think of nature as the perfect setting for their wedding, others might enjoy the idea of seeing their city as a backdrop on their special day. If you and your partner love the city, consider a venue with a great view at sunset, where you and your guests can enjoy overlooking the bright lights and architecture.

Photo Credit: Shelley Marie Photography – Portland, OR