Wedding Details You Don’t Want To Forget!

With so much to plan before the wedding day, we know it can be easy to forget about a detail or two — details that can easily slip between the planning cracks. So today we’ve decided to share a list of a few wedding must-haves to remind you of those special touches you’ll surely want at the celebration.

The Guest Book 

A guest book is something you certainly don’t want to forget. Have guests sign their names and write a message either before the ceremony begins or during the reception. This way, you’ll forever have a special message from your loved ones from your big day. If you don’t want to go with a traditional guest book, try something a little quirkier like a guestbook puzzle or a wish jar.

Wedding Programs Fans

Wedding Program Fans are perfect for the summer wedding, especially if you know the weather will be warm. Programs are the best way to inform guests on what to expect for the day and are especially helpful if you plan on having several events take place.

Ring Box

Keeping the rings safe is an absolute must and this personalized ring box is a great way to do so. We also love when it’s easy for the ring bearer to carry, beautiful in photos, and makes for a special keepsake.

The Flower Girl Basket 

Make the flower girl feel extra special by gifting her a basket that she will not only use at the ceremony but can also keep for herself. Choose a flower girl basket with a handle so it’s easy for her to hold and be sure to pick a style you both love.

Weather Gear

If you plan to celebrate outdoors, the weather must be taken into consideration. If you know it could be chilly, provide your guests with shawls or heavier blankets. If the weather is going to be warm and the sun is going to be out, provide guests with items such as sunscreen or sunglasses.


Lots of Tissues

Every wedding is sure to have its fair share of happy tears — which is exactly why we say tissues are a must. Keep a travel pack in your pocket or bag and be sure to include packs along the aisle for your guests to use, too. You can even have customized tissues for your guests to match your theme!

Something Special for the Send-Off 

Make your send off extra special by providing guests with wedding toss items such as confetti, ribbon wands, poppers, bubbles, or any other fun item you can think of. It’s great for pictures and is a fun way to get guests interacting.