Do’s and Don’ts | Social Media on Your Big Day!

Whether you’re a tech-savvy couple or off the grid, its important that your guests know what will work for your wedding day! Here are a few pointers that can be easily distributed to your guests to make sure your wedding goes exactly how you want it to.


  1. Let your audience know how you feel about the use of social media. For instance, you might want to tell your guests you want to keep the ceremony to yourself, family and close friends. After all, this is the moment it’s all about. You don’t want your guests to miss the vows while they’re looking at their phone or tablet screen.
  2. Create a hashtag to let your guests post tweets and instagram pictures to that can be seen and shared by all who attend. Encourage them by using a unique and creative hashtag sign.
  3. Snapchat Filters give you the ability to create a custom frame or design that speaks just to you. You can contact Snapchat directly to set it up and they’ll even help you design it.
  4. Use social media in addition to phone calls or texts to easily reach everybody for any last minute changes, for example venue changes due to weather reasons. But make sure your Facebook/social media rookie friends and family receive the info as well! You can even create an event on Facebook just for your wedding day that includes all attendees and information.
  5. Take some selfies! Capture your own moment at the time you please. Be sure not to overdo it though. It’s your wedding, enjoy the best day of your life unplugged to be in touch with everything and everybody around you.


  1. Don’t spoil any exciting surprises on social media in preparation of your wedding. Make sure your guests know not to post any images until after the ceremony.
  2. Don’t be on your phone all day. You and your new other half are there to live the moment and enjoy the day. Put away your phone and have fun!
  3. Don’t get rid of your professional photographer. Although your guests might be there to try and shoot that picture of your ceremony and cake cutting, a professional photographer will know best how to capture the most important moments of the day.
  4. Don’t go DIY hashtag sign crazy! Why hassle yourself with the task of making the hashtag signs, which seems easy at first but will take much more time than expected. You can easily purchase any signage for your wedding through where people make customized items!
  5. Don’t make anyone contact you only through social media. Be aware that some of your guests might be not as tech-savvy as you.