5 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts!

Take the celebration for the bride-to-be to the next level by offering handmade tokens of thanks to attendees. Whether you prep them ahead of time or provide the supplies to put them together as a party activity, these how-tos are adorable, affordable, and totally doable, even for crafting novices.

Opalescent Candy Cones

Nothing more playful then making some candy cones. You can use Pearl White mini milk chocolate balls, iridescent film to wrap up the candy, metallic opal paper to create the cone, and ribbon to create these gorgeous, girly favors with ultimate shine – all can be found on etsy.com

Flower Crowns

At your garden party bridal shower, guests will have no problem creating this floral accessory as its been a very popular edition to every wedding these last few years. There are plenty of floral designers who offer these services!

Potted Plants

Send shower attendees home with blooms of their own. Demure and delicate, African violets are pretty little packages and, with minimal effort, can make a dazzling display.

Bottled Flavored Vodka

Mixing your favorite vodka with your favorite flavored syrup, pouring it into bottles, and tying on or adhering a recipe for your favorite infused vodka recipe is a great way to tie in your wedding colors!

Envelope Sachets

These bundles of dried flowers and cedar shavings pack sweet scents that travel well. They can be kept in luggage, purses or warm up a bedroom!