5 Beauty Appointments To Set Before The Wedding Day!

1. Hair Colorist

If you’re highlighting or coloring your hair before your wedding, it’s important to start early. Book a hair consultation three to six months before your wedding to talk to your colorist about your vision. It’s also a good idea to bring any examples of hair accessories you plan on wearing so your colorist can determine the best spot to place highlights.

2. Hair Stylist

Up? Down? Half-up/half-down? There are tons of options when it comes to your day-of hairstyle and your stylist can walk you through all of them. It’s customary to visit your stylist for a hair trial a few month before your wedding, but for even better results take it a step further. Visit your stylist twice, once for a cut and once for a style. It will give your stylist the chance to familiarize themselves with your hair type and help you brainstorm the best style for you.

3. Facialist

This one may not be a beauty necessity, but a nice facial is a pre-wedding ritual (and treat!) we think no bride should go without. Schedule an appointment for two or three weeks before your wedding if you plan on getting something like microdermabrasion that could leave your face red for a few days. If you’re just planning on a soothing treatment, the week-of is fine.

4. Makeup Trial

It could take a few tries before your makeup artist nails the ideal beauty look that you’re envisioning, so don’t be discouraged! Make sure you set aside a few hours with your makeup artist and bring lots and lots of beauty inspiration for the two of you to look at together. It’s also important that you’re specific: matte or dewy? bronzy eye or smoky eye? Don’t leave anything out, and if it doesn’t look right, speak up! They’d rather you be honest so they can fix it.

5. Manicurist

Save this particular salon visit for the day before your wedding. Even if you plan on getting a gel manicure that will last for a few weeks, getting your nails done the day before will ensure they are still fresh and shiny for up-close ring shots.

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