Local Business Feature | Jordan Jewelers

One of the best things about having a bridal boutique in downtown Albany is being surrounded by other wonderful businesses that also cater to couples planning their wedding. We’re fortunate to have Jordan Jewelers as one of our closest neighbors, and we couldn’t be more impressed and inspired by their selection and customer service!

How Jordan Jewelers Began…

Brad Jordan has been in the jewelry business since 1983. He started as an apprentice engraver, which worked into becoming a goldsmith. He worked at two different, now closed, local jewelry stores for almost ten years. Brad had been thinking for several years to one day open his own store. An opportunity came in 1993, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, to do just this.

At this time he had a four year old and a six year old and very little cash to think about opening a business. With advice from his parents and several late-night discussions between the Brad and his wife, they decided to take the plunge and open Jordan Jewelers. They moved in on a Saturday night and with the help of family and friends, they opened their doors on Monday morning.

With the help and support of his wife Angie and their families and friends, they established a great business in the community. They made numerous friends that started out as customers. In their 24th year, they are now helping their original customer’s children with their jewelry needs.

About ten years ago Brad decided that he wanted to really focus on bridal. They enjoy getting to know the couples and hearing their stories, so they wanted to make this the primary focus of the business. Jordan Jewelers has the largest bridal selection in the valley and they are very proud of that.  Here are their top three engagement ring styles that are most popular.

Elegant in its simplicity, the solitaire setting features a single sparkly gemstone set high on the band. It’s the perfect blend of sparkle and classic style, and it won’t get in the way of your daily routine.

The solitaire is sold to the guy that has no idea what his lady wants. Instead of worrying about what style she likes they recommend starting with the solitaire that way there is still the surprise. After the proposal the couple comes in together and they pick a setting that she loves.  The solitaire is also a great style for the simple girl that is always on the go.

Featuring a shimmering halo of diamonds surrounding a center stone, this setting makes your center stone appear larger. This is the more modern style and a very popular pick.

Vintage is a unique piece with intricate details. Sophisticated and eye-catching, a vintage setting is ideal for those who have a refined and elegant look. And as the decades go by, its delicate design will continue to melt your heart.

We encourage all couples, whether engaged or not, to visit Jordan Jewelers to view their beautiful selection!

Jordan Jewelers
202 W 1st Ave
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: 541-926-1907
Web: www.jordanjewelers.com