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We’ve had the pleasure of working with the talented Heather Mills from Heather Mills Photography on a few styled wedding shoots this last year and we are always so impressed with the beauty she creates. Some 15 years ago, Heather Mills knew her passion was in artistry and creativity. Pursuing her passion, she attended Oregon State University for her Bachelors of Arts. Then, deciding to share her passions by way of teaching, Heather Mills completed her Masters in Arts Education shortly thereafter. Following 10 years of teaching, Heather relocated to Eugene and began what is now known as Heather Mills Photography, where she specializes in story-telling wedding photography, fine art family portraits, and sensual and elegant women’s boudoir.

When asked what she loves about weddings, Heather Mills remarks:
Weddings are exhilarating–they are fast-paced, dynamic, and filled to the brim with emotion and movement. As they typically cover several hours during a day (and night!), lighting conditions, locations, and interactions are ever changing, all of which keep Heather and her associate photographer, Brian on their toes. It is honor to be able to capture a couple’s intimate moments, the details they have so painstakingly selected over months or years, and most importantly, their lifelong devotion and commitment to one another, especially knowing their wedding images will be beautifully displayed in their home, and cherished for days, years, and generations to come.
We are so thankful to have amazing talent like Heather in our own local area in Oregon and look forward to working with her in the future!
Heather Mills Photography
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