New Bridal Line | Chic Nostalgia

We are very excited to announce our newest designer at Merrime, Chic Nostalgia. With this new line we will be able to cater to the boho-bride. The gowns you’ll see here are a combination of classic silhouettes with fresh designer elements, allowing the bride to be modern and chic, yet timelessly beautiful.

To us, a boho wedding is an unconventional affair with a relaxed and carefree attitude. Quirky and creative styling is adopted, resulting in a mish mash of eras, styles and tastes.

Whether your setting is the beach, a pretty woodland, a festival style field or a cool and unique venue, they often have one thing in common: nature and natural beauty. The boho wedding style can range from casual beach to romantic french countryside, or whimsical woodland to free-spirited festival. We hope you enjoy these new bohemian-inspired gowns that can be found at Merrime in early January!