Local Business Feature | Tin Roof Boutique

Tin Roof Boutique is an awesome local shop owned by Tish Jacobson. If you haven’t met Tish (or been in her store) then let us tell you how wonderful they both are! Tin Roof features mostly women’s clothing and accessories with sizes ranging from Small to 3X, one of the few shops that offers clothing for all sizes.

Tin Roof offers a variety of clothing brands, but one of the most unique is also one of our personal favorites:

This holiday season Tin Roof Boutique will be having tons of exciting sales and events to get people in the holiday spirit so if you aren’t already following them on Facebook and Instagram, do so now so you don’t miss the updates!

Tin Roof Facebook Page
Tin Roof Instagram Page

tinroof_skirt tinroof_plussize tinroof_dress trb_blacklongsleeve

They will also be announcing a big sale for Black Friday so stay tuned!

Tin Roof Boutique
222 1st Avenue SW
Albany, OR 97321
p: 541.666.2172
e: tinroofgifts@gmail.com