Meet Our Creative Manager!

This week we are featuring our awesome Creative Manager, Ms. Kelli with an Eye! We get tons of compliments about our active Facebook and Instagram accounts and oftentimes people have no idea that Kelli is a huge part of our team and keeping Merrime Bride & Soirée on the Oregon bridal scene radar! She also created our beautiful website that you’re on right now!

Some background on Kelli… buckle your seatbelt… she started out in the wedding industry as a makeup artist and after a few months (and much frustration with unorganized wedding planners) decided to try wedding planning too. Once Kelli started promoting her new business through social media, however,  she started getting requests from other industry professionals for assistance in their social media presence and thus a wedding industry social media manager was born.

Did we mention she’s also a model?

You may have seen her makeup skills on our models from the photo shoot a few months back featuring our new dresses, as well as our personal mother-daughter shoot for our website.

All of us at Merrime Bride & Soirée thank you for your handwork, Kelli! We love you!

Kelli is located in Laguna Beach, CA and is always looking to help more clients no matter where they’re located. If you’re interested in working with Kelli, you can contact her here:

Kelli with an Eye
Facebook: Kelli with an Eye
Instagram: @kelliwithaneyeee

Kelli’s model photography credit: Nicole LeBris Creative
Merrime’s model photography credit: Ciao Bella Foto


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