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We absolutely love the J-Picone hair accessory collection, along with our favorite veils from Veil Trends! Jolene Picone, owner of both of these extraordinary companies, blogged a list to find the perfect wedding day hair accent and we thought we’d share!

Picking the Right Piece for your Hair
When it comes to picking out wedding accessories, there are so many factors to consider. Lets look into some of these factors and how to make sure you pick the perfect piece for your big day! First things first: Hair Color. Certain accessory colors are going to compliment your hair or on the down side, clash with it.  If your hair color is Brown/Black, we recommend either white or ivory because the contrast will give your accessory a gorgeous pop! Blonde hair tends to drown out accessories that are white, ivory, or blush- so silver/metallic colors tend to looks best. This pains me to say because my hair is blonde, but I have found that the silver headwraps look best against blonde. Red hair, depending on the shade, is pretty versatile when it comes to statement piece color. Blush tends to look great with a more coppery shade, where as white looks best with a more violet or cherry red.

~Jamie Fleming at J-Picone Bridal Accessories

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